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Rome, Italy

Be ready for amazing architecture, history, fashion, pasta and the best gelato in the world!

From the Airport

From airport Fiumicino to the hotel (if your hotel is in the city), the best option is to take the express train to Roma Termini (central station). The train terminal is inside the
airport, you just need to follow the signs. You can buy the ticket before getting on the train in the little “Tabacchi & Giornale” store at the train station. I would recommend buying the return ticket right away as well, so you don’t worry about it on the way back to the airport (if you are flying in and out from Fiumicino). From what I can emember, the ticket was like 14 euros each way. It takes approximately 30 min to get to Termini. From Termini you have the option to take the bus or you might want to take the cab to the hotel. The taxis should use the taximeter to charge you.

What not to miss?

​Colosseo: take your time to explore. It’s gorgeous! There’s a park (I think on the northeast side), where you can take beautiful pictures of the colosseo. Also visit there at night, to enjoy the outside view. From the
Colosseo go to Foro Romano (west side from the Colosseo). I would highy recommend to buy tickets online before heading there. You will save a lot of time skipping the long lines. Click here to access the official website to purchase your tickets. 

Foro Romano: it was for almost 1000 years the heart of the roman kingdom. It’s
like 3000 years old and it has been built, destroyed, rebuilt many times… Go all
the way to the top. You will have a great view. From the Foro Romano walk to
Capitolino. From there take the steps down and go to the Piazza Venezia.

So much to see...

Piazza di Spagna: take the chance to walk up and down the Spanish stairs. You can have a nice view from up there. Right in front of it is Via Condotti. This area is great for high-end brands shopping. If you walk up the stairs, facing the church, walk to your left side and you will find a park, Villa Borghese. You will have great views from the city from there too.

Piazza Navona: one of my favorite "Piazzas" in Rome... it's beautiful, especially at night. It has many cafes & restaurants.

Campo de' Fiori: also nice with its famous farmer’s market. I have heard it’s also nice for breakfast in the local cafes.

Trastevere: interesting to go (be a little careful if you go at night). There is a beautiful church “Santa Maria in Trastevere” and it’s from year 222 A.D. (one of the oldests in Rome). 

Pantheon: it’s the most perfect building in Rome. The walls are like 2000 years old and have barely changed since then.

Fontana di Trevi: you should visit at night. It's very pretty and extremely popular. Make sure to throw a coin with your wish.


If you have time: visit the churches “San Giovanni in Laterano” and “Santa
Maria Maggiore”, and enjoy a nice wak in Rome's city park at Villa Borghese.




Via Nazionale and Via del Corso have nice stores and affordable prices. If you like high-end brands, you can't miss Via dei Condotti. 


Musei Vaticani: visit the Museo Clementino and the Cappella Sistina.  From there go to the Basilica di San Pietro. In the summer, musei will be open every Friday from 7.00 to 11.00 pm. Please check here for open times and tickets online. Buying your tickets online booking is also highly recommended to skip the long  lines.

Basilica di San Pietro: take your time to explore this cathedral. It’s AMAZING! Get tickets when you are there to climb up to the the top of the dome. You will see a great view from the city besides being a fun experience walking to the top of the Basilica.


Walk down from the Piazza San Pietro on the Via Della Conciliazone to the Castel Sant’Angelo. It's all very pretty at night.



Places to Eat


In Trastevere there are some great places to eat:


La Fraschetta (Via San Francesco a Ripa, 134)

Da Meo Patacca (Piazza dei Mercanti, 30)

Da Enzo (Via de Vascellari, 29)


Close to Piazza Navona, there is another great restaurant: Old Bear (Via Dei Gligli D'Oro, 3)


One of my favorites restaurants and very affordable is located at the Monti neighborhood. The name is Ai Tre Scalini (Via Panisperna, 251). It's usually very popular, it's really worth the wait for seating. 

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