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Explore Fun Travel will help you find great ideas, guides and tools for your next vacation.

Travel is my passion. Nothing makes me happier than share my experiences and help my family and friends on their vacation planning. I have visited 40 countries, and most of them multiple times. I have always had so many people calling me and asking for ideas and recommendations in what to do, to see, places to eat, to shop, etc..  I love sharing with my friends great tips. I want everyone to enjoy traveling as much as I do. 

In this website you will be able to find my recommendations in a quick guide format. It will save you money in your pocket, not having to buy those heavy guides, where is always hard to carry around. Besides that, you can enjoy many of the pictures I have taken  during my travels.  You will also find great tools to make your travel experience much easier. Many of these highly recommended items I have tested them myself.


By the way, if you want to use any of the pictures or content from this website, please simply contact me for permission.

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If you have any questions related to your next trip that I didn't cover, please feel free to write me a note.

Be ready for a fun vacation!!!

Explore Fun Travel.

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